• Battle of the Bluebonnets

    Posted by Joseph Duffy on 12/6/2011 9:00:00 AM
    Library PLC at Loma for Bluebonnet setup on Friday after lunch.
    Questions for Elementary Librarians:


    Where do we stand with bluebonnets? What still needs to be done?


    Who is on the question committee and do we have sufficient, quality questions enough for 3 round of 15-20 questions?


    Then another 20 for final round?


    What happens if more than two schools are tied at the end of the third round?

    Do we have a tie-breaker?
    Say one school has 45 pts and the next two have 40. Is the tiebreaker only for 2nd place?  Do we have questions for the tiebreaker?
    Linda has offered her school for a meeting tomorrow afterschool  (Wednesday, 12-7),for whoever can meet. This might help eliminate problems we encounter on Friday afternoon.
    Please respond here.


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