Dear Parents,
    Kindergarten students use a program entitled Istation for reading skills.  This is a technology program that the students log onto daily.  In this program the students are learning and tested on the following skills.
    - letters;
    - rhyming;
    -initial sounds;
    -middle sounds;
    -final sounds;
    -vocabulary; and 
    -reading comprehension.
    We also monitor the students in Math on a program entitled TEMI (Texas Early Mathematics Inventories) on the following skills for numbers 1-100. 
    -compare numbers for larger or smaller;
    -number identification;
    -number sequence; and
    -quantity recognition
    Other subjects that are taught in Kindergarten include writing, social studies, science and technology.  Letters, numbers, colors, shapes and sight words are in your child's homework folder for daily review.
    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 444-8250.
    Thank you,
    Ms. Simonds

Last Modified on August 30, 2016