• Study Skills for Successful Learners

    Tips for Reinforcing Learning at Home

    Oftentimes I am asked by parents what they can do from home to help their child be more successful in school. Although there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution for helping your child at home, below are some tips that you may find useful when working with your child at home to reinforce the learning that is occurring in the classroom.


    · Math facts are an important element of Mathematics. If your child has not mastered their Math facts (addition, subtraction, and multiplication), then it should be a top priority. You can provide additional practice for them using flashcards. I also have some simple Math games available. If you would be interested in utilizing one of these resources, please contact me.

    · One particularly common challenge for students are word problems. Remind your child to REALLY think about the question. Focus on key terms, determine the best strategy, and most importantly, they must show their work!!!


    · The Golden Rule for Reading is “practice makes perfect.”

    · Check for understanding often. This can be done by asking your child to summarize what they have just read, or by asking them a few questions about their story. If they do not understand what they are reading, remind them to stop and reread. It is ineffective to continue reading when they do not understand what they’ve read.

    · If your child struggles to read independently, remind them to use their reading strategies to decode words.

    · Allow your child to self-select their reading whenever possible. Remember that the public library is a convenient, FREE resource.

    In general, it is important to remember that a routine established early in the school-year will set the expectations for learning at home. Make homework a priority. It provides your child with additional practice for skills being taught in the classroom. If you find that your child is having difficulty with a particular concept, make note of it on their homework so that I can review it with them once again and/or provide them with additional opportunities for practice. Happy Learning!




Last Modified on August 30, 2016