• Let's Read    girls reading
    We want every member of the Edgewood family reading.  This includes students, staff and parents. We want our students reading at least 20-30 minutes a day.
    Here are some lists that might help you as you begin selecting books.
                                                                             2X2 List 
                                            PreK-2nd grade
                                   Texas Bluebonnet Master List
                                            3rd-5th grades
                                                              Reading for Pleasure
    Students need to be encouraged to read for pleasure as well as learning.  Parents you can read to your children and listen to them read to you.  You can talk about the pictures in the books for younger children. Ask them what they see. Make sure you ask them questions to see if they are understanding what they read.  Here are some suggestions.
    1. Who is the book about?
    2 What is happening in the book?
    3. Where does the book take place?  Have you ever been there or does anything about the place where the book takes place remind you of somewhere you have been?
    4. How would the story changed if it took place somewhere else or during a different time period?
    5. How do you think the main character felt in the book? Why?
    6. What is the main problem or situation in the book?
    7. Have you ever had a similar situation or problem?  How did the main character handle the situation or problem? 
    Spend at least 30 minutes a day reading !!!
    LET'S  READ!!            reading