Mrs. Ontiveros

    4th Grade 

    Daily Schedule


    7:45– 8:00              DEAR

    8:00– 8:45              Writing


    8;45 – 10:30            Reading

    ·        SharedReading

    ·        GuidedReading

    ·        RTI (9:30-10:15)


    10:30– 11:30           Science



    11:30– 12:15             Math 

    ·        ProblemsSolving

    ·        CScope

    12:15– 12:45             Lunch


    12:45 – 1:30              Math

    ·        ContinueCScope

    ·        Reteach


    1:30– 2:15                 Conference

    2:15– 3:05                Social Studies

                            3:05-3:10                  Reading Reflections          







    Classroom Discipline Plan

     PBIS Classroom Expectations

    Be Prepared

    ·     Come to school prepared to learn with required materials.

    a.     Always complete homework

    b.     Always have a pencil and paper available

    c.      Always have a “Can Do” attitude


    Be Responsible

    ·     Follow classroom at all times.

    a.     Raise hand before speaking or before leaving your seat

    b.     Keep hands, feet, and materials to yourself

    c.      Follow directions at all times


    Be Respectful

    ·     Always respect school property, yourself, the opinion of others, and personal property.

    a. Listen to teacher and fellow classmates who are speaking

    b.     Handle all classroom materials with care

    c.      Always be courteous to all adults and students even if you disagree


    1. First Warning-

             a. One on one conference with student


    2. Second Warning –

             a. Time away to reflect on infraction

             b. Incident marked in Travel Folder

             c. Parents initial Travel Folder


    3. Third Warning-

             a. Stage 1

             b. Loss of privileges- recess, store

             c. Phone call home



    1.   Tickets/ money earned for weekly store

    2.   Extended recess time

    3.   Stickers

    4.   Praise