• Instructional Resource Page

      Reading:  Students will have homework Monday through Thursday. Every Monday your child will receive a reading packet. Your child should read the story every evening and then answer one page of questions per day. 
    In addition, your child should be reading at least 30 minutes per day for enjoyment. 
    Your child will love to tell you about what they have read.
    Ask them questions about the characters in the story. Ask them if there was a problem in the story and how the problem was resolved. Have your  child tell you about the sequence of events that took place in the story. Ask your child to tell you what they liked about the story and if they could, how they would change the ending.
    Asking questions will help improve your child's comprehension and will also help them in strengthening their vocabulary. 
    Math:Students will also receive math homework everyday. It will usually be out of the Measure Up Blue TAKS book.  Please make sure that homework is completed every night.  
    Please also help your child practice counting,  adding and subtracting money especially with problems that need to regroup or borrow.                                                                        
                     Below are some helpful web addresses that will
    help your child with reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary
    Below is a great fun way to practice your multiplication: