Albert Villasana



Degrees and Certifications:

Albert Villasana

Albert Villasana is a sophomore at Memorial High School and Edgewood Fine Arts Academy. He is currently taking Photography ll, Ceramics ll and Drawing ll.  He has been fascinated with cameras since he got his first camera at 14 years old. After that, he started taking pictures of everything around him. He is now an intermediate photographer, doing small gigs like rodeos and small photoshoots with people. When he was 15, he took the role of being a freelance designer with 3 years of experience. He is continuing to build not only a progressive portfolio, but a great customer service relationship with all his clients. 

Albert Villasana future plans are to finish high school and attend San Antonio Collage seeking an Associate of Arts degree with a concentration in Photography. After Collage he would like to be a Freenlance photographer seeking jobs as Event Photographer and also Portrait photography.