By the end of Kindergarten, students will:
          ·         Write their name correctly

    ·         Have good penmanship and fine motor skills

    ·         Produce rhyming words

    ·         Listen for a purpose and focuses on the speaker

    ·         Retell and act out simple stories

    ·         Participate through discussion and questioning by communicating ideas and information clearly

    ·         Demonstrate a basic understanding of book and print awareness

    ·         Demonstrate comprehension of stories read aloud

    ·         Recognize and write capital and lowercase letters in the alphabet

    ·         Produce sounds associated with individual letters and begins to produce sounds associated with multi-letter phonograms

    ·         Identify syllables and beginning, middle and ending sounds in spoken words

    ·         Blend sounds to begin to read and write words and simple sentences

    ·         Recognize high-frequency words
    •  Click on the link to view the student expectations in Texas for Kindergarten