While it is not required that students pass the Science TAKS test for promotion to 6th Grade, our Las Palmas and Edgewood ISD state rating is dependent on how students perform on the elementary comprehensive Science test. So, in order to be an informed, thinking citizen throughout life who can reason using the Scientific Method and Science Processes, every student is expected to pass the Science TAKS test.
    5th Grade Science is interesting and we strive to have 50% of our time spent in field and lab experiences. Also, it's just fun!
    Many items need to be brought from home in order to do activities. Please check the teacher home page to see what is presently asked for. These items are almost always free, recycled, reused items that do not require spending money.
    Thank you for your support.


      • Our first Science Project has been completed. Students made collections using natural materials found in nature. The purpose of the project was to understand how to classify objects.
      • The second project is to make a useful item out of reused household materials.

      The next project will be to make a musical instrument that produces a musical sound.

      Science Homework Projects

      • Sept 24 Science Process Skills Classification Project (Collection in a Box)
      • Oct 1 Make a useful items out of Reused materials  
      • Oct Make a sound-producing Musical Instrument 
      • My Mnemonics Book
      • Biography of a Scientist

        ABCs of Science Book

        Science Fair Project


      Click here to view a Water Wheel