• Bots, bots, Bots

    Posted by Leighanne Butler on 3/22/2019 6:00:00 PM

    Welcome Back from Spring Break!


    I missed everyone! I had the horrible realization that my blog post from the Friday before the break did not post. It didn't even save as a draft! So this week will be a recap of what happened for the last 2 weeks.


    The week of March 4th we had a blast working with Sphero, Bee-Bot, and Code.org.

    Here are my 1st and 3rd graders having a blast going through my robotics rotations. At station 1 they worked on programming Bee-Bot to drive from one point to another on a grid. This was tricky for them since the program for turning left and right work differently on the Bee-Bot than it does in Code's block based programing. 

    Playing with Bee-Bot Playing with Bee-Bot Playing with Bee-Bot Playing with Bee-Bot


    At station 2 they were given free range to see what they could get Bee-Bot to do. Many tried to get Bee-Bot to cross the entier robot playing field. Others aimed for the many "targets" that were maped out. 

     Working with Bee-Bot. Working with Bee-Bot


    At the final station they were working with Sphero. It was the first time the students had opportunity to  drive and program the robot. They were allowed to do all the experimenting they needed! The students even figured out how to change the color of the light Sphero emits. 

     Working with Sphero Working with Sphero Working with Sphero


    This week I was pulled out of the classroom to assist with testing but I was so glad to hear that all of my classes were on their best behavior. I look foward to seeing everyone next week. I hope you all have a great weekend.






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  • Coding With Ms. Butler

    Posted by Leighanne Butler on 3/1/2019 9:00:00 PM

    Hey Mustang family!

    Welcome to my very first blog! I am hoping to make this a part of my Friday routine. This week in class our Kinder and first grade students had the opportunity to use the Bee-Bots that I received from our amazing librarian, Mrs. Hewgley. I had so much fun watching the spark of joy light their eyes as they realized that they had programmed the robot to move exactly where they wanted it to go. 

    Bee-bot on table Working with Bee-Bot Working with Bee-Bot Programming Bee-Bot



    Second and third grade had a blast taking on an Unpluged coding activity from Code.org. They loved geting to create their own program conditionals and physicaly act them out. Check out this pictur of the 3rd grad girls woring on their programs!




    Fourth and fifth grade had the opertunity to select what activities they wanted to do on Code.org this week. Many of them fell in love with the Dance Party code activity that alows them to program their very own music videos. Others had fun taking on the Minecraft dadventure chalanges. Code.org does a wonderfull job of providing activities that use what students are interested in to modivate them. 


    If you are interested in having your child working on computer skills check out Code.org. It is a free resource that can be accessed on any web enabled device. 


    See you next week!

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