Ms. Angelina Olivo



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Ms. Angelina Olivo

     My name is Angelina Olivo. I am currently a senior at Kennedy High School. I love to express my feelings through dance, music, art, and photos. When I was younger, my father use to draw these most amazing cars and faces. I knew from there, that I needed to see what i could do myself. When my father had a heart attack, I started to get depressed and knew what i had to do.

     I transfered to Kennedy in 10th grade, and I got put into dance, orchestra, and art. I never really liked it because I can't draw really good nor could I  play good. I was asked what my major was and well I am a math major. Math is not always fun but to me, it shows how many possibilities there are in this world. As a senior now, I am glad that I got to play the violin all because, playing is another form of art. Everything that happens in this world is a way of art. I don't know what the future has for me but, i know what ever happens it will always be good.