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abcde danielle garza

Hello, My name is Abcde Danielle Garza. I am a Sophmore at John F. Kennedy High School but really suppose to be a Junior this year. I am 17 years old  and live in a household of 7 people , 2 adults and 5 children I also have a Hard-working Mother who trys to work enough hours to bring home a great paycheck. I have a total of 7 siblings, 4 step siblings and 3 blood siblings, we always would bump heads but now my 2 older siblings moved out we have more love for each other than hate. My Life Goals I really want to travel around the world, to go and explore places I haven't seen before, I also would like to do ceramics and cosmetology.

My favorite colors are blue,red, and turqouise my least favorite colors are orange and yellow. I love the water, the beach or a pool because it's the one place I can be light on my feet and let all my worrys and problems float away. I LOVE ANIMALS! Dogs.Birds,Horses, and Monkeys Etc. the love i have for animals makes me double think if I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. My Mother is a single parent with the help of My Step Dad who may not have a job 7 days of the week but if something breaks in the house, Handy Manny is there to fix it. Anyways when he does get a job he always gives money to my mother for food or stuff for the house.