• My Vision for Loma Park Elementary

    Technology is always filled with exciting changes. This year as your Robotics/Coding Teacher I will focus on training students K-5 to code using the Acellus Coding Program (3rd-5th) and Kodable (Kinder-2nd). For many years we have been stuck doing things the way we always have, but starting August, 2017 that changes here at Loma Park Elementary.
    My vision is this: I want to teach in a school where technology is more than just a tool. The light switch on the wall is no longer considered a wonder, it's a necessity; Technology needs to be a necessity. Technology in my world is like air to breath and when deprived of technology, like air, we are lost. Students will take their first steps into a new world of Coding and Programming with the Acellus and Kodable programs on a daily basis. Parents, Grandparents, Community members, and Teachers in my school will come to depend on technology to enhance and improve our very way of life.
    In order to address this vision, I will incorporate technology classes for parents on a monthly basis. We learn about the internet, computers and robotics just to name a few, and I can't wait to meet all of you to learn your needs and hear about your dreams. Talk to Ms. Kimberley Martinez, our Parent Liaison, to find out when the next event is scheduled.
    It's an exciting time here at Loma, come be a part of your child's future today!
Last Modified on September 15, 2017