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    TxEIS - Texas Enterprise Information System

    The TxEIS software is web-based, fully integrated, and supports the operational and reporting requirements of Texas districts, charter schools, private schools, and education service centers. The software is scalable in both design and configuration in order to meet the needs of any size district.

    The system incorporates software standards that make it compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari browsers, as well as Windows operating systems.
    For all other inquiries please contact Gloria Nino at gnino@eisd.net or 444-4539
    IMPORTANT: This is a security-protected system. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Only authorized personnel are allowed to use the system for authorized purposes. By logging on, you acknowledge that you are an authorized user.


    When you successfully log on to TxEIS, the Application Directory is displayed. The My Applications list provides a personal list of applications to which you have access.

    To access an application:

    · Under My Applications or Application Directory, click on the application (e.g., Purchasing) that you have access to. The application opens, and you can select a page from the menus.

    · If you do not have access to the application, information about the application is displayed.

    To change your password:

    You can change your password any time. If your password has expired,
    the Change Password page is displayed.

    · You cannot reuse any of your last three passwords.

    · The password must be between 8 and 12 characters long.

    · If there is a problem with the data you typed, a message is displayed to indicate the error.

    IMPORTANT – you are required to log out:

    · Click Logout. The Logout page is displayed.

    · Any data that is not saved will be lost when you log out
    Access Help

    In the top-right corner of any page, click Help. The Help page opens.

    ·         A navigation pane is displayed on the left, and the Help topic is displayed on the right.

    ·         The navigation pane provides the Contents, Index, Search, and Print.

    ·         The Help topic is specific to the application page. You can browse other Help topics from the Help page




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    Florencio Zepeda, Executive Business Director
    • Budget
    • Finance
    • Accessibility to Applications
    • Accessibility to Functions
    Gloria Nino, Secretary
    Ext. 4539
    • Error Credentials
    • Passwords
    • Assistance with budget inquiries
    • Log-in problems
    Edward Romero, Buyer
    • Add/Delete personnel to approval path
    • Change approval path
    • Vendors
    • Assistance with requisitions, purchase orders, contracts
    Marty Segura, Accounting Assistant
    Ext. 7223
    • Budget Codes for Grants
    • Setup of account codes for Grants
    compIcon problems should be reported to the Technology Department at extension 7970.