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    I am very proud to tell you that I am very fortunate to be here at Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary. I believe this is my 7 year at this school since Emma Frey Elementary closed and I had the opportunity to move over here.

    Educational Background
    I am graduate of the district, having gone through the educational system through Coronado Elementary, Escobar Jr. High and graduated fom Edgewood High School in 1973.

    Teaching Experiences
    I have a Bachlor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education grades 1st-8th grade with a Bilingual and ESL  Endorsement. I also have A Master of Arts in Bilingual Education.
    This will be my 35th year teaching in the Edgewood District.
    I have taught in the following schools during my teaching experience, Roosevelt Elementary, Gardendale Elementary and Emma Frey Elementary. The grades that I have taught in are 1st and 2nd grade combination, 2nd and 3rd grade combination, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade.

    I have been Teacher of the Year for Emma Frey Elementary and Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary
    In 2007 I was selected as the District Teacher of the Year
    2001 Lakeshore Outstanding Teacher Award
    Kens 5 Excel Award 2007
    San Antonio Area Association for Bilingual Education : Bilingual Teacher of the Year 2007
    Edgewood District PTA Teacher of the Year

    I am actively involved in PTA. I have been in volved for the past 32 years
    I have held the following positions in the District Council :
    Past Council President 1994-1996 and 2010-2012
    Vice President, Treasurer, recording secretary, certified Leadership Orientation Trainer
    At the local level positions held : President, Vice President, Treasurer, Parilmentarian

    Other Professional Positions
    San Antonio Area Association for Bilingual Education
    President, Past President, Treasurer
    Recently Nonimated for SAAABE Treasurer for 2012-2013