• My Teaching Philosophy:

    Being a primary educator is a never ending learning process. I learn right along with my students. My philosophy for teaching is to always provide a rigorous learning environment.



    Students will set individual goals in both reading and math as well as behavior. I expect that your child will put forth his/her best effort and I promise to do the same!



    Third grade expectations are high and your child will be pushed to excel!



    Homework will be sent home on Mondays. It will include reading passages (to focus on fluency and comprehension) and a math handout. I expect it to be completed and returned on Fridays.


    Student Reading Progress:

    In my classroom, I am very data driven with our students. This data guides how I can best propel instruction to meet the needs of every student. We use a research-based, highly targeted reading instruction, Fountas and Pinnell through I-Station, that helps our students toward independent reading of grade level books across an array of literature and informational genres. 

© Creative Clip Art
© Creative Clip Art
  • Parent Communication:

    Newsletters will be sent home on Mondays which will include important information about our classroom. Email is the quickest form of communication for me.


    Daily Reading:

    Research has proven if your child reads every either with an adult or by themselves it greatly increases reading success! Please read every night!


    Differentiated Learning:

    My goal is to ensure that every student is provided with different avenues to learning to affirm success. Instruction will be tailored to meet individual needs in order to create the best learning experience possible.


    Cooperative Learning:

    Part of my educational philosophy includes promoting team building. We will do a ton of cooperative learning activities throughout the year.


    Student Math Progess:

    Math tiers are used to distinguish which students are working on grade level (tier 1), one grade level below(tier 2), and two grade levels below (tier 3) in math. We use a Math Placement test, the TEMI, that focuses on place value, number sequences, and addition/subtraction.

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