• Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience that engages, empowers, and encourages students to reach their highest potential in the area of fine arts.


    Vision: In addition to acquiring knowledge in the art forms of music, drama, visual arts and dance, it is our vision that students become arts consumers who understand the basic elements and principles in the various art forms and are able to evaluate and critique those art forms.


    Our core values are:

    To inspire: The arts is for every child. It is our priority to challenge our students to reach further than his or her own expectations.


    To educate: The arts can open doors for scholarship opportunities and a pathway to a college education.


    Utilize individual consideration: Each child has different talents and at different levels. It is our job to strengthen and grow those talents from whatever level the child begins. 


    To empower: The arts require practice and dedication. We empower children to take responsibility for their learning by requiring individual practice or application outside the classroom. From presenting to a full room of art judges, to performing a solo in front of a judge, our students must work in groups and as individuals for their art form. We also empower children to become servant leaders that "enrich the lives of their fellow classmates, build better organizations, and ultimately create a more just and caring organizational culture" (Greenleaf, 1970).


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