•  Choose a State in the Continental U.S.A. - Open a Word Document, Save as "StateName-YourName" (Not Texas)
     Download a Visitors in PDF or Get the link to a Virtual Guide and paste the link into your word document
     Your trip will begin on the 2nd Tuesday in June and you will return on the 3rd Tuesday in June
     You will make an airline reservation using Southwest Airlines and paste the Itinerary & Price in the Word document
     Based upon your flight arrival & departure make a rental car reservation and paste in the Word document
     Based upon your rental car reservation times make your hotel reservation and paste in the Word document
     Create an Excel spreadsheet to automatically calculate Tax, Tip & Total for each meal and the Total for all meals.
     Use the following websites to order your 7 lunches & 7 dinners EatOutIn & FoodMenuGuru to complete the spreadsheet
     Using your Visitors Guide plan to visit 3 attractions including fees and type them into your Word document.
     Calculate all car trips taken, including drive times, miles driven, and gasoline used. Use the following MPG & Cost of Fuel
     Complete the Vacation Budget Tool  (download it from the linked site)
     Finally create a PowerPoint presentation using Excel spreadsheets, Word document and photos from your Visitor's Guide.
     Play a US States Puzzle Game click here

Last Modified on September 15, 2017