• How is the grade determined?


    1. Tests/Quizzes: Each student will be graded fairly. Any test/quiz taken that is below a 70, will be returned back for corrections. Corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper showing ALL their WORK! They may stay after school for tutoring to get extra help.

    2. Homework: Practice makes perfect! Please do each task I have assigned. Homework sent home is practice of what we have covered in class that day. I will never give homework about a topic that has not already been covered. If you have trouble with the homework, I still expect you to try to complete as much as you can. There has to be evidence that effort was made. A blank piece of paper shows ZERO EFFORT and your grade will reflect that. Any homework that is below a 70, will be returned back for corrections. 

    3. Classwork: ALL work must be shown. I cannot give you full credit if the work is not shown. I need to know that you know how to solve a problem. During class time, I will walk around to assist anyone who needs help. Please ask questions! I am here to help.