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  • A Short Guide to Creating Key Reading Skills at Home

    Reading Suggestions:
    • •  Snuggle up close with a good book!

    • •  Talk about the pictures and ask questions

    • •  Share different kinds of books

    • •  Read with expression

    • •  Read your favorite books again and again

    • •  Record yourself reading and play it on car trips or as an alternative to television 

    Why is comprehension important? 

    Reading is more than just reading the words from beginning to end. To be successful readers, children need to be able to comprehend text. Research has shown there are some strategies we can share with children as we read that will help them gain more understanding. 



    What a cool word! Children love it-even saying it makes you feel smarter! And all it means is being aware of our thinking. Encourage metacognition by sharing your thinking as you read aloud...

    • When I read this part, I was thinking... 



    When readers fit what they already know or have experienced (prior knowledge) they are using schema. As you read to or with your child try... Making Connections

    • How can you connect what you read to your own life? (text to self)
    • To the reading of other books (texttotext)
    • To events happening in the world? (text to world) 


    When a reader can make a mental image in their head using the senses to help them imagine what they might smell, hear, see, taste, or feel as they read. This will help them get deeper into the text.
    • What kinds of things do you imagine hearing? Smelling? Tasting? Feeling? 



     When readers question the text before, during, and after they read. Some of the most interesting questions aren’t always answered in the story.


    Before Reading
    • What do you think will hap- pen?

    During Reading
    • What do you think…?

    • I wonder why...?

    • How come...?

    After Reading
    • What would have happened if...?

    • I wonder why the author...? 


    More than a simple prediction, inferring happens when readers can take what they know and what is written in the book to answer questions. The ability to infer helps the reader get to “why” of the story.

    • I infer...


    Determining Importance: 

    Readers need to prioritize as they read. It is identifying the most important ideas or information in the text. It is a critical skill for students to organize or sort information as they encounter textbooks and nonfiction. 

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