• A little about me...
    I was born in and lived in California until I was 12.  I have lived in San Antonio since then, which was a long, long time ago :).  I graduated from Taft High School in 1993 and graduated from UTSA in 2005.  I decided to become a teacher because I love being around kids and working with them is way more fun than anything else I can imagine.   I did a few courses in high school so that I could try it out and learn more.  I loved it.  I have been teaching with Edgewood since 2006.  I have taught pre-k, kindergarten and first grade.  
    When I'm not busy teaching and planning, I love to be as adventurous as possible.  I am always going from here to there and everywhere else.  I love to get in my little car and rack up thousands of miles.  We have driven to California twice and to New Orleans, Florida and of course all over Texas.  My husband and I own a travel trailer so we camp out whenever possible.  We love going to the Guadalupe River and sometimes to the beach (but the best beaches were in Florida).  I took up running about a year and a half ago to get in better shape and to have more energy.  At first I couldn't run for 2 minutes.  Last fall and winter I ran 2 half marathons and tons of other races.  It's a lot of fun!  
    I have two daughters and two older sons.  My girls are 8 and 18 and my boys are 20 and 26.  Our oldest son made us old a few years ago by having our adorable grandson, Noah.   
    This year has been great so far.  We have an awesome classroom and the kids are going to learn so much this year!  
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