• Ms. Reyes
    Hello! My name is Elizabeth Reyes, 9th-12th grade Art teacher at Edgewood Fine Arts Academy. I am certified to teach EC-12 Art and EC-12 Technology Applications. I am always in pursuit to better myself as a teacher so that I can offer my best abilities to my students as I have earned:
    • Associate's in Applied Science Degree in Business Administration Management from The Brown Mackie College in Salina, KS 
    • Bachelor's of Art in Visual Studies from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX
    • Bachelor's of Fine Art in 2-Dimensional Animation/Illustration from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA
    • Master's in Art Education from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX
    My education is a never ending quest and I make it my goal to be the best I can be so that my students can reach their goals. 
     On your mark! Get set! GO!
    yogi  Student note  100 Mile Run
    My Students
    When I am not in the classroom I am probably in a trail somewhere training for my next race. I am an Ultra-runner (any run longer than a marathon, 26.2 miles). Running allows me to practice patience; it reminds me to relax and to breathe. I have successfully ran and completed three 100 mile races and also attempted "The Legendary Race Across The Sky" Leadville Trail 100 Run in Leadville, CO. My students write and draw me "Good Luck! We Love You!" notes and I carry them with me on ALL my runs. I am truly blessed to have a tremendous amount of support from my students, staff, family and friends and that is all I need to cross the finish line. A great mentor once told me, "Control what you have control of." I have control of being a student, a teacher, a practicing yogi, a runner, and a better person for my students. That being said, the relationship I build with my students is priceless and the possibilities in my classroom are endless.
    Click on the links below to see how the love and support from my Edgewood Family have allowed my running to help the comminuty and my students.
    "We all know that what will transform education is not another theory another book or another formula but educators who are willing to seek a transformed way of being in the world."
    -Master Educator, Parker J. Palmer