• January 8, 2013


    We, the Edgewood DistrictVeterans Organization and Alumni are honored to recognize and congratulate thefollowing John F. Kennedy and Memorial High School athletes named to the 2012 -29-4A All-District Football Teams.


    DamianVelez, OrlandoSalinas, MatthewAvalos, JasonFlores, DukeAguirre

    Jeremy Ybarra, JonathanArizola, ManassesCano, GabrielRobles,
    Ivan DeAnda, Raul Rangel, ClemCordova


    Congratulations on aremarkable and successful football season. Your selection to the All-DistrictTeam was no doubt, a result of hard work, dedication, and commitment that reflectsgreat credit upon each of you, the coaching staff, your teachers,administrators, and community.


    We further recognize yourdedication, commitment to excellence, passion for the sport, and veryimportantly, a competitive spirit evident in your actions, both on and off thefield that produces winners. These are personal traits and characteristics,which will positively serve you well after high school and in your adult life. Additionally,we extend special recognition to Kennedy athlete Matthew Avalos for his selectionto both the First and Second All-District Defensive Teams.


    Once again, congratulationsand special thanks for elevating the community pride by demonstrating yourcommitment, leadership and sense of accomplishment.  


    VeryRespectfully and continued success,

    EdgewoodDistrict Veterans