• Welcome to Gus Garcia Middle School! I am the Reading Accelerated Instruction Teacher (AIT) and my role is to support teachers and provide intervention to students in Reading. Literacy is the foundation of each content area. Families can promote and foster literacy in a variety of ways. These are some ideas that you can do with your child to assist him or her with their reading fluency and comprehension:
    • Read to your child everyday for at least 20 minutes
    • Listen to your child read aloud everyday for at least 20 minutes
    • Impart oral traditions such as storytelling; tell your children stories about your childhood or their grandparents' childhood
    • Teach your child about their culture and cultural traditions; encourage them to also learn about new and different cultures
    • Encourage your child to be bilingual; help them learn your family's language
    • Use technology wisely; encourage your child to visit educational websites and apps (you can find a variety of reading and math websites and apps on our campus website)
    • Take your child to your neighborhood public library so that they can read different books and listen to stories
    • Foster creativity through art, music, dance, and cooking

Last Modified on August 23, 2016