• Forget Facebook...Educate with Edmodo @ EISD!
    Edmodo is a microblogging software specifically designed for teachers and students! Using Edmodo, teachers can create a microblogging (Twitter-like) network for their classes. Edmodo allows teachers to create a group for their students and exclude those not invited to the group. The program allows teachers the ability to post assignments, reminders, calendar events, and messages to the group. Teachers can also share links, videos, and images. 
    Create an account by visiting www.edgewoodisd.edmodo.com  and create your account. You will need to enter a school code (available in the Forms Drive--> Technology --> Edmodo Folder). 
    Ten things teachers and students can do with Edmodo! 
    1. Post assignments for students. Edmodo allows teachers to attach files to assignment announcements. If there is a file your students need in order to complete an assignment, they can access it at the same place they view the announcement. 

    2. Post messages on the "wall'. This allows students to ask questions of each other and their teacher. Teachers can post messages for all students to read and encourage classroom discussion. 

    3. Post polls for students. Use the polls to gather informal feedback in question form. 

    4. Embed videos, images, and audio clips into your wall to spark a class discussion online.

    5. Post a quiz for students to take. File and links can be attached to each question and answer choice. This allows you to post a document and ask students to read and respond to it. Quizzes can be in multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, or short answer form. Students can see their scores immediately or the feature can be disabled. 

    6. Create learning groups according to the course you teach or student groups who are working together. 

    7. Students and teachers can house their important files in the digital library (online backpack) eliminating the need for USB drives.

    8. Create a calendar of events and assignments.

    9. Turn in assignments! Students can upload assignments for their teachers to view and grade. Teachers can annotate the assignments directly in Edmodo.  

    10. Access Edmodo through the free Android and iOS apps.