• Mr. McClain's 8th Grade Math Class

    Classroom Rules and Expectations



    In order to accomplish our goals for the 8th Grade, the following rules will be reinforced:


    • Respect Time~ Be prompt, hand in homework on time, use class time to work on math, and follow all directions.


    • Respect Others~ Use a kind tone, appropriate volume of voice, listen when others speak, no put downs, name calling, etc...


    • Respect Property~ Leave other peoples’ belongings alone, use school equipment only when given permission and appropriately (you will be held financially responsible for any broken equipment)


    • Respect Yourself~ Be in your seat and ready to learn. If absent, be responsible for your make-up work, try to do your best, choices you make today will impact your future successes



    When not following the above rules, you may earn:

    • Warning
    • Reassigned seating or other behavior modification
    • Teacher assigned detention and parent contact
    • Office referral and parent contact
    • Other fitting consequences


    Cheating Policy:

    If you are not doing your own work...it results in a zero on that assignment and a parent will be contacted.  If this happens more than once, it will be referred to the office and result in further disciplinary actions.  Cheating can include copying homework assignments, and looking on another person’s test or quiz, but it also includes other types of behavior.  For example, discussing questions/material on a test or quiz with another student who has not taken the test or quiz, giving even ONE answer on homework, labs, or projects and copying and pasting from the Internet are all considered CHEATING.



    Tests/Quizzes/Assessments will be weighted depending on the length of chapter/unit.  Homework is considered late if not completed by the beginning of the class period it is due.  All assignments, finished or not, should be turned into the teacher by the end of class. Most work is done in class, therefore there is rarely homework.


    Classroom Procedures


    Beginning Class:

    Be in your seat with your materials needed by the time the tardy bell rings. Begin the bellwork that will be on the board every class period. Sit quietly and be ready to begin class.


    Ending Class:

    Approximately 3 minutes before the bell rings, I will announce that materials can be put away. The bell does not dismiss you.  We will not dismiss if all materials have not been returned. 


    Assignment Headings:

    An assignment heading should include name, class, date, and assignment in the upper right hand corner of your paper.  This is sometimes worth a point on an assignment.


    “No Name” Papers:

    Papers without names may mean a result in a loss of points if it’s a reoccurring problem.



    Make-up Work:

    It is the student’s responsibility to get this work! If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to retrieve the work that they missed during the absence.



    Late Work:

    Any work turned in after it is due is “late.”  Be sure to mark “late” and the date you are turning it in at the top of the paper.  Based on the homework policy in your agenda, the date turned in makes a difference in the credit you will earn.



    You must bring your these materials to class every day.  You will need a pencil, paper, journals and calculator everyday. You may also be required to bring additional materials from time to time. You are responsible for the calculators while using them and will need to pay for their replacement if something should happen to them under your care.  You may always purchase your own calculators.


    Extra Credit:

    There are no set opportunities for extra credit at this time, but there may be various forms of extra credit throughout the school year so whether you think you need them at the time or not, it may be wise to take advantage of them when presented.