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    2016-2017 Council Officers1


    Rosa Escobar


    1st Vice President

    Grace Salazar


    2nd Vice President

    Veronica Aguilar


    3rd Vice President



     Aggie Jaramillo



     Abel Martinez

    Campus Presidents1

    2016-2017 Council Goals1

    With these purposes in mind, the Council’s Executive Board has developed the following goals for the 2015-2016 academic year.

    Goal 1:   Ensure that every school in the Edgewood Independent School District (EISD) has an active PTA.
    • Objective 1:  Reach out to inactive units to offer support in the formation of a PTA.
    • Objective 2:  Increase the number of local units that pay council dues.
    • Objective 3:  Increase participation from local units at council meetings.

    Goal 2:   Ensure that the Council and all local units adhere to EISD policies and school board regulations.

    • Objective1:   Increase effective communication (newsletter, email, phone, meetings) to local PTA units so that they are aware of all current policies and regulations.
    • Objective 2:  Meet with the Superintendent or other District Administration when necessary.

    Goal 3:   Ensure that all local units are in good standing with National and Texas PTA.

    • Objective 1:  Provide information at council meetings on topics discussed at State Convention and Summer Leadership Seminar, for example.
    • Objective 2:  Increase effective communication (newsletter, email, phone, meetings) to local PTA units so that they are aware of all current policies and regulations.
    • Objective 3:  Ensure that 100% of local PTA units have revised and updated Bylaws.

    Goal 4:   Assist all local units so that they are in compliance with IRS regulations.

    • Objective 1:  Guide and assist local units with filing procedures, deadlines, and necessary forms.
    Goal 5:   Provide professional development, including mentoring, to all local PTA units in the EISD.
    • Objective 1:  Offer Leadership Orientation Training (LOT) for all officers of local units a minimum of 3 times in the fall semester and 1 time in the spring semester.
    • Objective 2:  Develop a cluster framework where Council Officers will work closely with a cluster of local PTA units to develop a solid working relationship.
    Goal 6:   Promote community cohesiveness through community service projects.
    • Objective 1:  Host a community talent show.
    • Objective 2:  Participate in District events, such as the 5 de mayo Festival and the Mother/Daughter Conference.
    • Objective 3:  Recruit parents, teachers, and community members to participate in the Family Engagement Conference and Convention in San Antonio, Texas.
    • Objective 4:  Recruit parents, teachers, and community members to participate in the PTA Summer Leadership Seminar 2014 in Houston, Texas.
    Goal 7:   Provide a minimum of four (4) $1,000.00 scholarships to EISD graduating seniors.
    • Objective 1:  Create a scholarship committee to oversee the application process.
    • Objective 2:  Hold fundraisers that will net profits totaling at least $4,000.

    Council Standing Rules   (Revised August 2013)1


    The purpose and policies of the Edgewood Council of PTAs (herein known as the Council) in San Antonio, TX are fixed by its bylaws, as adopted by the membership.  Its programs and its methods of operation are directed by the Texas PTA and National PTA.

    These standing rules are adopted by the board of directors for its own governance, in order to carry out its responsibilities, under the bylaws, in a consistent and orderly way.  They are founded on teamwork and voluntary cooperation for purposes mutually believed.

    Council meetings should do the following:
    • Meet the needs of the individual units and the Council as a whole
    • Increase the effectiveness of the member units
    • Provide support to the member units
    • Encourage the sharing of ideas
    • Strengthen the relationship between the local PTA unit, Council, Area, State, and National PTA
    • Provide opportunities for local leaders to work together and network with each other

    Topics that may be covered in general meetings include:

    • Leadership development programs
    • Explanation and discussion of materials sent by Texas PTA and National PTA
    • Committee reports
    • Specific projects
    • Membership promotion and enrollment plans
    • Founder’s Day Activities
    • School Board reports

    Local PTA Units - Please understand that in order to be in good standing with the Council, you must comply with the following responsibilities:

    1. Pay Council Dues ($100.00) by October 15th.  This is an absolute deadline; if dues are not paid in full, the local unit will not be invited to Founder’s Day festivities.

    2. Provide a copy of your local officer listing to the Council.

    3. Provide a copy of your budget to the Council.

    4. Provide a copy of your Reconciliation Report (formerly known as an audit) to the Council.


    1. General membership meetings of the Edgewood Council shall be held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm in September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May, and June.  The Council will host a Christmas Social in December.  Other meetings may be designated by the Board with 7 days notice to the membership.  A calendar with dates for general meetings shall be set over the summer and be available by August 1st.

    2. Local PTA units will be asked to host a monthly meeting; this will be determined at the September meeting. 

    3. Council Officers, Council Committee Chairs, and Local Unit Presidents (or their representatives) should attend Council meetings.  The Superintendent and School Principals (or their representatives) may attend, as they are also voting members of Council.

    4. Local units will be asked to sign in at each meeting in order to determine quorum and for recordkeeping.

    5. The proposed annual budget and the previous fiscal year’s annual report should be presented at the September general Council meeting.  Copies of the bylaws, standing rules, and calendars should be available.


    1. The Board of Directors shall consist of: elected officers, appointed officers, and standing committee chairs.

    2. The Standing Committees of the Council are: Hospitality and Telephone.  Each chairperson is appointed by the Board and has one vote at board meetings and general meetings.

    3. When new officers assume their official duties upon the new fiscal year (June 1), each shall be given a folder containing:  Council Bylaws and Standing Rules, current Council budget, any financial reports, and procedure reports listing the duties of office.

    4. An organizational chart which lists all of the executive board members shall be updated on a yearly basis.  Local PTA units will be clustered and officers will each assume responsibility for a cluster of member units.

    5. Board meetings of the Council will generally be held on the last Thursday of the month at 5pm at the Technology Department.  A calendar with dates for board meetings shall be set over the summer and be given to board members by August 1st.

    6. Officers must be prepared to present their respective reports at board meetings so that others may review, discuss, and revise if needed.  This will help ensure that general meetings run smoothly.

    7. The Board should carry over a minimum of $200.00 as a working fund for the following year. 

    8. Receipts and requests for reimbursement must be remitted to the treasurer within 30 days of the event for which the expense was incurred. 

    9. In addition to those duties outlined in the Bylaws or assigned by the President, Officer’s duties also include:

    A. President: represent the Council at official events/meetings, oversee that member units are being supported by their respective representative (organizational chart)

    B. 1st Vice President:  primarily charged with Membership and keeping a newsletter

    C. 2nd Vice President: primarily charged with spearheading Founder’s Day Activities

    D. 3rd Vice President: primarily charged with overseeing the Scholarship Fund and generating funds for that account

    E. Treasurer: maintain financial records, be the main representative of the Council when dealing with the bank and IRS, present timely financial reports

    F. Secretary: maintain directories, keep sign-in sheets, send out correspondence (Thank You, Sympathy, etc), keep minutes of board and general meetings, update the website

    G. Hospitality Chair: keep a list of host schools and confirm that refreshments and a light meal will be provided for each general meeting

    H. Telephone Chair: Contact (via phone and/or email) parties that should attend board meetings and general meetings 3-5 days before the meeting takes place to confirm attendance


    1. Scholarships: The Council shall conduct fundraising activities as needed to fund Council’s programs and to provide scholarships for graduating seniors from EISD High Schools. Fundraising activities shall not duplicate what local units do to raise funds. There are standing rules for the Scholarship Fund.

    2. Bonding & Insurance: The Council shall purchase a policy with Texas PTA endorsed Association Insurance Management (AIM), Inc. that covers general liability and bond insurance.

    3. Official Council correspondence should have the Council’s logo.

    Standing Rules for Attending Conventions and Trainings1


    1. Officers filling a position for the first time are required to attend a PTA sponsored conference or convention during their first year in office, provided funds are available in the Council’s budget.

    2. The Council may choose to send two to four representatives to the annual state convention and/or the summer leadership seminar. Priority shall be given to elected officers and new officers.

    3. Registration for attending a convention or conference must be submitted to the Council President and Treasurer at least three (3) weeks in advance.

    4. Approved expenses that Council may cover include registration, hotel accommodations (shared rooms), and a gas stipend (only if carpooling). Maximum amounts will be set by the board prior to each event. All receipts must be turned in within 15 days after the event.

    5. In the case that a person who has confirmed that he/she will attend (and registration fee has been paid) and then is not able to go, it is his/her responsibility to find another person to go in his/her place. If he/she fails to do so, then that person must reimburse the Council for the registration fee and any other expenses incurred.

    6. Officers are expected to fully participate in the conference or convention they attend and should prepare a brief summary (oral, written, or PowerPoint) highlighting relevant information to present at the meeting immediately following the event (for executive board and/or general membership).


    It is the duty of the Council to plan and carry out professional development such as Leader Orientation Training (LOT). Generally speaking, three LOTs should be offered in the Fall and at least one in the month of May (after elections have taken place at most local units). In addition, it is the Council’s responsibility to determine what additional trainings or workshops would benefit and help meet the needs of the majority of member units. Examples of appropriate programs include Ready. Set. Achieve Programs and the Basics Series for different officer roles.
    • These standing rules may be amended at any time by a 2/3 majority vote of the current board of directors.
    • These standing rules shall be reviewed and approved at the first Board meeting of each fiscal year and when new officers have assumed their official duties (June 1st).
    • Upon approval, a copy of these standing rules shall be provided to all Board members.  If revisions or amendments are made using the proper process, it is recommended that updated standing rules be sent to Texas PTA for review and also the EISD Superintendent.

    Standing Rules for Scholarship Committee1

    Ther shall be a scholarship fund for the purpose of giving financial assistance to graduates of the Edgewood Independent School District who plan to attend a university or college of their choice and intend to enter a profession beneficial to the community.

    Money donated or obtained through fundraisers shall be deposited in a savings account separate from the Council’s checking account.

    The number of scholarships awarded each year shall be determined by the amount of available funds in the scholarship account.  The Committee Chair along with the committee shall determine this on a year to year basis and will let the board of directors know in advance.
    Scholarships shall be distributed evenly to each of the two high schools.
    Applicants must be residents of the Edgewood ISD and member of a graduating class in the Edgewood District’s High Schools. 
    Applicants must have attended an EISD high school for at least three years.
    There shall be a scholarship committee consisting of at least three members and one alternate elected by the Edgewood Council of PTAs.  The 3rd Vice President will act as chair of this committee, but will not be a voting member.  Elected members shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive years.  Any member serving on the committee who has a graduating senior applying for this scholarship will not be eligible to serve.
    The scholarship committee shall meet at least three (3) times a year: November, January, and March, but may choose to meet more often if deemed necessary.  It shall be the committee’s duty to prepare the applications and to make these applications available to high school seniors.  Promotion of available scholarships should also be the committee’s responsibility.
    It shall be the scholarship committee’s duty to review the guidelines established for awarding scholarships and approve them or make changes.  Pending changes must first be presented to the board of directors and have a 2/3 vote in favor of proposed changes.  This should take place by January’s board meeting.
    Upon selection of the scholarship recipients, the committee chair shall notify the parents of the recipients, the school, and invite them to attend the May PTA Council meeting.  The scholarship shall be announced at the school’s commencement exercises and at a school board meeting if possible.
    Scholarships will be awarded in the form of a check directly to the student for tuition, or other school related expenses once the Council has received proof of enrollment.  Recipients must make a request to the Council for funds to be dispersed; deadlines are listed on the application.
    The treasurer and the 3rd Vice President shall keep a list of scholarship recipients, their contact information, and college enrollment information per year.
      • These standing rules shall be reviewed and updated on a yearly basis by the Scholarship Committee.
      • These standing rules may be amended at any time by a 2/3 majority vote of the current board of directors.
      • Upon approval, a copy of these standing rules shall be provided to all Board members. If revisions or amendments are made using the proper process, it is recommended that updated standing rules be sent to Texas PTA for review and also the EISD Superintendent.