• Name: Brian Hewgley
    Email Address: bhewgley@eisd.net 
    Campus Phone number: 210-444-8159

    I started in 1996 at Loma Park. While at Loma I taught second and third grade. After being at Loma Park for five years I decided to move to Edgewood Academy were I taught sixth-eighth grade math along with Algebra I. After teaching for three years at the Acdemy I became a Math Literacy Teacher. When the middle school was phased out at the Academy I went to Perales Elementary as a Math and Science Literacy Teacher. I was a Literacy Teacher at Perales for two years and then I became an Instructional Facilitator for Perales. When the principal was moved due to the closing of Coronado Elementary I went to Gardendale Elementary as an Interventionist for reading and math for grades third-fifth. After being there for one year I went back to being an Instructional Facilitator for LBJ Elementary. After being there for one year I came back to middle school with  Ms. Inco and that is how I ended up here at Gardendale Elementary School as your Instructional Coach.