• Winston String Program 2015-16 Handbook 

    Welcome to the Winston String Program! This handbook will attempt to inform and clarify all expectations that go with being a member of the after school string program. We look forward to a fun and successful year!



    Edgewood district this year through Winston Elementary School will be providing an after school string program to Winston students. The program is from 4:30- 5:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. An application will be given to parents to sign and return to Winston Elementary School main office or to Mr. Vasquez in room 107. The program will begin on September 22nd, and will be held in room 109. This year there will be a total of 100 students excepted into the program and the program will divided into three groups the top performing group which will be an audition process and a second intermediate group which at any time can audition for the top group and the 3rd group, which consist of student who are still in the beginner stage. Students at any time can be move up or down according to the audition process and expectations of all students in practice, performance, academic and school conduct. There may be additional instructors provided by Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA) throughout the school year. This is the same organization that provided YOSA-MAS last year. These additional instructors may come during the school day or after school for this program. Mr. Joe Vasquez will be the music teacher at each practice to help supervise the students and ensure everyone is picked up at 5:30pm. Parents are asked to please pickup student promptly at 5:30pm from room 109. (Note any medical information can be given to Mr. Vasquez String Teacher room 107.)



    • Our string students are expected to be positive role models for their school and community.

    • Respect the Director, themselves and other students, as well as their belongings.

    • Be respectful while others are performing.

    • Respect the classroom and all instruments and equipment inside. Never switch instruments, cases, or other assigned materials with other students. Never leave their instrument unattended. 

    • Ask for permission to use audio/video equipment, computers, or the phone. 

    • No food, gum, candy, or drinks permitted in the classroom unless given permission from the director.

    • Help keep clean and orderly the classroom is expected at all times. 



    Students are responsible for gathering their required materials and heading straight to their chair as soon as they enter the classroom. Conversations are not to be held during rehearsal when the directors and instructors are working with the students. If director is off of the podium addressing a section, a level 1 volume is permitted. You must raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged by the director. Students will not leave their seat without teacher approval during rehearsals (get materials left behind, trash, water, or restroom) for the safety of others and the instruments. Classroom disruptions will not be tolerated because it stops the learning process for other students. 



    *Any infraction of the Code of Conduct or string program expectations will be dealt with one or more of the following:

    • Conference with student

    • Parental telephone call

    • Conference with parent(s) and student

    • Referral to administrator

    • Conference with administrator, parent and student



    Your son/daughter will be responsible for giving you any handouts of updated information if changes have to be made. Please stress to your child that they must provide you with any written information I send home. 



    Playing Assessments

    This is a check-off chart of skills, drills, and music that students should be working on for mastery each 9-weeks. Assessments will be done during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday practice. 


    According to the state law in Texas, students must be academically eligible in order to perform in any extra-curricular activities. Parents please make certain that you monitor your child’s progress in all of their classes.   All string members who earn a grade in ANY class below a 70 average may not participate in U.I.L. competitions or select functions that occur off campus. They will have opportunities to re-gain eligibility according to UIL rules, but it may not be in-time for some competitions. 



    • Girls will wear black dress, black shoes/boys will wear white shirt, black tie, black shoes.




    This agreement states that the parent will be held accountable for the instrument while it is issued to their son/daughter. All instruments are checked out to students in playing condition and it is expected that they be returned in the same condition. The parent/guardian will be responsible for repairs due to intentional damage or misuse while it is issued to their son/daughter. School instruments that are lost or stolen must be replaced at the expense of the parent/guardian. In the event that an instrument is missing/stolen, the student should contact the band director immediately to assist in finding the instrument and/or file a police report. A police report will also be filed for instruments not returned at the end of the school year or instruments not returned when a student is exiting the band program. If you are moving within the current school year and you are using school-owned instrument, you must turn in the instrument before moving.




    Students do not have the directors’ permission or consent to post any video or pictures of Winston string members, string directors or string events on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or any other public venue that is not sanctioned by the Winston string program. If you do NOT wish to have your child’s picture on the Winston string website please send a letter to the director stating your intentions.


    The string program will perform several concerts this year. Permission slips will be give out to the students and should be returned in order for students to perform in this year’s concerts.

    To attend the trip students must:

    1. be academically eligible according to UIL standards

    2. be in good standing (no referrals/suspensions during the 9-weeks)



      Once again thank you for allowing your child to be a part of the Winston String Program. By working together we can accomplish our goals of a successful year. Let us make this school year a special one by communicating and building memories that will last a lifetime for your child.

      Thank you,

      Mr. Joe A. Vasquez

      String Program Director


    Class Room Rules
    Rule #1. Stand in a line and wait till Mr. Vasquez brings you into the classroom.
    Rule #2. Come in and sit down and wait for Mr. Vasquez to call roll and tell you what will be done that day
    Rule #3. No touching musical instruments unless Mr. Vasquez says you can.

    Rule #4.

    A.Follow directions quickly.
    B.Wait your turn to speak.
    C.Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    D.Respect yourself and others.
    E.Be here on time and be ready to do your best!