Classroom Rules and Classroom Schedules





     Minutemen Band Rules for Success:

    Move quickly and quietly to set up on time for class
    Instruments, materials, and equipment are required in class every day
    No one plays other students' instruments; handle only your assigned equipment
    Understand that passing all your classes is important to participate in band
    To ask questions, raise your hand to be recognized
    Exercise respect towards others by being polite and considerate and using kinds words
    Maturity during rehearsals is demonstrated by exhibiting strong listening skills and correct posture
    Eating, drinking beverages, and chewing gum is allowed outside the band hall and not inside
    Notes and chords played in tune and rhythms played accurately with precision will produce SUCCESS!
          Bell cartoon
     Mon, Tues, Thurs-High School Band Tutoring-5:00-8:00 pm/7:30pm
     First Period- Conference-8:45 am
    Second Period-Travel Time / Middle School-9:37 am
    Third Period- Middle School/Travel Time-10:31 am
    Fourth Period- Lunch-11:23
    Lunch- 12:15 am
    Fifth Period- Jazz Band 9-12 Graders-12:50 pm
    Sixth Period- Beginning Band and Applied Music-1:42 pm
    Seventh Period- High School Percussion/Color Guard-2:34 pm
    Eighth Period- Band- 3:26 pm