•  EHS District Alumni"Our goal is to provide scholarships to our district graduates who are seeking to reach their aspirations in higher education and also provide assistance to the district’s families and/or programs that are in need of help."
     We are Memorial, Kennedy & Edgewood Alumni
    Non profit 501 (c) 930 Organization

    P.O. Box 10183
    San Antonio, Texas 78201
    1. The regular meeting of the Alumni shall be on a Wednesday of each month unless otherwise specified. Location of meeting will be at The Neighborhood Place, 3014 Rivas, SATX 78278, unless otherwise determined by the board.
    2. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern all proceedings of the Association meetings unless a majority of the board votes and exception to a rule.
    3. Majority will rule in all decisions, motions, resolutions and elections. The president may vote only to break a tied ballet.
    4. Collections of money (tickets, dues, etc.) will be conducted before or after a meeting. No transactions of money shall be conducted once the meeting has been called to order.
    5. Robert's Rules of Order are the rules of order for deliberating and debate at all meetings except where in a conflict with Alumni Policy and Procedures. EDAA Policy and Procedures will take precedence.

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