•  EHS District Alumni"Our goal is to provide scholarships to our district graduates who are seeking to reach their aspirations in higher education and also provide assistance to the district’s families and/or programs that are in need of help."
     We are Memorial, Kennedy & Edgewood Alumni
    Non profit 501 (c) 930 Organization

    P.O. Box 10183
    San Antonio, Texas 78201
    Policies & Procedures

    Membership and Dues:

    1. Membership is open to anyone that wants to join. Our goal is to help the students of the Edgewood District further their aspiration of a college education.
    2. There shall be two (2) categories of membership to the association: Active Membership and Associate Membership.

      A. Active Membership shall constitute members that have been nominated by an active member and agree to meet the yearly dues obligation of $30.00. Upon application for membership the applicant will be awarded thirty (30) days from the date of the application to pay their yearly dues of $30.00. Membership renewals will be collected the beginning of the New Year with a 30 day collection period.

      B. Associate Membership shall constitute any person that wishes to participate in the goals set forth by this association. Associates are not required to pay dues but are expected to assist in various duties that may be assigned to them. Associates shall attend meeting when called on but will not carry a vote.
    3. Active members are required to attend all called or scheduled meetings. Members missing three consecutive meetings without good reason will be suspended for the remainder of the calendar year, will lose voting privileges and removed from any office they are holding.
    4. Active and Associate members are required to work Association events and must be available to work throughout the event if called upon.
    Elections of Officers
    1. Only members in good standing that are Edgewood District Alumni may hold an elected office within the Edgewood District Alumni Association. The following requirements constitute a member in good standing:

      A. Regular attendance of meetings.

      B. Paid up membership.

      C. A minimum of one (1) year as a member.
    2. Votes by proxy for an election may be submitted by email to the President or in a sealed
      envelope carried to the meeting by another member.
    3. During the October regular meeting the President shall appoint a three member nominating
      committee to present a slate of officers to be nominated to the Executive Board at the

      November meeting when the election will take place. Nominations from the floor may also be
      taken at the election meeting.
    4. The following are the Executive Board positions: President, Vice President, Secretary,
      Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms.
    5. Officers shall assume their duties in January and shall serve for two (2) consecutive years.

    Duties of Officers

    The President shall be the principal officer of the Association, preside at all the meetings of the Association, appoint committee members and chairman.

    The Vice President shall act as special assistant to the President and represent the President whenever so designated, perform all such duties as requested by the President.
    The Secretary keeps minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the Association and attendance, preserve and file all records of the Association, maintain a current roster of membership indicating name, address, phone and email of each member as well as his/her classification of membership, conduct the correspondence of the Association and perform all other such duties as requested by the president.
    The Treasurer shall have charge of all EDAA funds and their deposits in a financial institution in the name of Edgewood District Alumni Association as approved by the board, pay all bills and disburse all funds as authorized by the board, present financial reports at each meeting and keep itemized records of all receipts and expenditures in a permanent file.
    The Sergeant at Arms shall maintain order at all meetings.

    Conduct of Meeting

    1. The regular meeting of the Alumni shall be on a Wednesday of each month unless otherwise specified. Location of meeting will be at The Neighborhood Place, 3014 Rivas, San Antonio, TX 78228 unless otherwise determined by the board.
    2. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern all proceedings of the Association meetings unless a majority of the board votes and exception to a rule.
    3. Majority will rule in all decisions, motions, resolutions and elections. The president may vote only to break a tied ballot.
    4. Collections of money (tickets, dues, etc.) will be conducted before or after a meeting. No transactions of money shall be conducted once the meeting has been called to order.
    5. Robert's Rules of Order are the rules of order for deliberation and debate at all meetings except where in a conflict with Alumni Policy and Procedures. EDAA Policy and Procedures will take precedence.

    Dance Policy

    1. Ticket Master shall be in charge of all tickets and their distribution.
    2. The Alumni may hold a drawing for the awarding of tables or tickets for fundraising events.
    3. Deadline for turning in money and tickets shall be set by the Board.
    4. Will Call:
    5. Ticket table setup shall consist of two separate tables each manned by an active member and an associate or volunteer.
    6. Volunteer and Active Member tables shall be set at a prominent location close to the entrance of the event.
    7. Event volunteers should be assigned to an active or associate member when performing their duties.
    8. Table signs shall be picked up no later than 10:30 p.m. by two scheduled volunteers.
    9. Volunteers with flashlights shall be assigned to escort people to their table designated on their ticket.
    10. Active and Associate members shall report to the volunteer chairman fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled time.
    11. Volunteer chairman shall remain accessible and close to the entrance.
    12. Associates will refer all event seating e problems or questions to the Ticketmaster.
    13. Disorderly people should be reported to security.