•  EHS District Alumni"Our goal is to provide scholarships to our district graduates who are seeking to reach their aspirations in higher education and also provide assistance to the district’s families and/or programs that are in need of help."
     We are Memorial, Kennedy & Edgewood Alumni
    Non profit 501 (c) 930 Organization

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    San Antonio, Texas 78201
    Scholarship Program

    The Edgewood District Alumni Association's (EDAA) primary mission is to award scholarships to deserving students from the Edgewood Independent School District (EISD).

    The EDAA will establish a Scholarship Committee with a Chairperson to coordinate the scholarship award selection process. The process will involve the review of student applications utilizing scoring criteria to score and rank the applicants.

    The EDAA will determine the total scholarship award amount that the Scholarship Committee will award for the given school year. The Committee members will recommend the number and amounts to be awarded for approval from the EDAA. The
    EDAA application will specify the scholarship award amounts so that students are aware of eligible awards.
    The Scholarship Committee will provide the Edgewood District Counselor's Office the EDAA Scholarship Application during the month of March no later than March 31st. The application will specify the deadline for submission to the EISD Counselors' Office, suggested as no later than April 30th. The EISD Counselor's Office will distribute applications to student's interested in applying for an award. The students must complete and submit their application by specified deadline to be eligible for an award. A Scholarship Committee member will collect the applications from EISD Counselor's Office on May 1st or as soon as possible after the deadline.
    The Scholarship Committee members will review all applications as soon as possible to allow time to review applications and provide the EISD sufficient time to prepare for Graduation Commencement Exercises.