• Welcome to my home page! I serve as both an academic inclusion teacher as well as the department head of special education.
    As your academic inclusion teacher, I provide academic support for both social studies and English. Please view instructional resources, helpful links and my podcast for additional on-line academic support.
    Additionally, I am the department head for special education; I have posted information on my blog with regards to TEA accommodations for special education students. Please don't hesitate to post any additional questions you may have with regards to special education on my blog. It is possible other faculty and parents share your questions or concerns, so by posting to my blog, you enable me to share this important information with the community.
    If you would like to contact me, you may do so by e-mail at mnino@eisd.net and by phone at (210) 444-8300. I am available for tutoring on Wednesdays from 4:10 - 5:30 in room 102.  Please feel free to call and set up and personal parent conference as well to address concerns.
    My schedule is as follows:
    Ist       (8:45 - 9:40):        Lead Teacher, to address issues and concerns 
    2nd    (9:45-10:40):        World History with Mr. Hernandez on M,W,F and Economics with Mr. Anderson on T, Th
    3rd     (10:45 - 11:35):    Lead Teacher, to address issues and concerns
    4th     (12:10 - 1:15):      World Geography with Mr. Castillo on M, W, F and Economics with Mr. Hood on T, Th
    5th     (1:20 - 2:15) :       World Geography with Mrs. Reid on M, W, F and English II with Mr. Schmittou on T, Th
    6th     (2:20 - 3:10):        Lead Teacher, to address issues and concerns
    7th     (3:20-4:10):         Conference
Last Modified on April 12, 2013