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  • Make-up Reminder

    Posted by Christina Hernandez-Rios on 3/11/2016

    Make-up Reminder

    All Make-up will be returned on Monday, March 21. Remember that you can only turn in make-up for one week only.

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  • Missing Assignments

    Posted by Christina Hernandez-Rios on 1/11/2016

    All missing will be given 20 so the students grades can stay higher then with a zero given. Remember if you want a 20 to change you must turn in missing assignment within a week.

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  • Tutoring Schedule

    Posted by Christina Hernandez-Rios on 9/3/2015
    I will have tutoring starting on Wednesday, September 16, for anyone that needs the help at this time. They will be mandatory Saturday tutoring for my students starting in January. You will be notified. Please be aware that tutoring times and days will be changing through the year. If you have any question please call the school and leave a message  (ext. 2815) or e-mail me at
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Last Modified on March 31, 2016