• Name: William Bowlin
    Email Address: william.bowlin@eisd.net
    Campus Phone number: 210.444.7925

    Welcome to Social Studies
     Here we examine the world of history, government, and economics in an  effort to understand their relevance in our lives today.  To do this we use the latest technological resources available.  Utilizing the online and printed curriculum district resources and supplemental primary resources students are challenged to analyze and interpret materials for their relevance to the appropriate TEKS and contemporary issues.
    About Bowlin:
    I have been at the Career/Fine Arts Academy since 2013.   I hold a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and certification for teaching from 4th grade through high school.  In addition to my academic background I have 20 years of classroom experience from fourth grade through college.   
    I am retired from the U. S. Army where I obtained sixteen years experience as a U. S. Army nuclear, biological and chemical warfare officer.  I was certified as a Quality Management Instructor, Training Developer and Historian.  During my active duty I had extensive overseas service in Europe and the Middle East.
                    William Bowlin