1.      Upon enrollment each year, students will be issued their student identification badge, free of charge. 

    2.      The student’s identification badge will serve as their official student activity card and must be carried by the student at all times while on campus and off campus while attending school functions during the school day. Failure to follow this procedure shall result in parent/guardian notification and may result in disciplinary action depending on the frequency and circumstances of the infraction.

    3.      All identification badges must be clearly visible and worn with a District issued lanyard. If a student is wearing a jacket, the lanyard must be on the outside of the jacket.

    4.      Upon request, students will be required to present their badge to any administrator, staff member or authorized representative of the District.

    5.      Identification badges will be issued at no cost the first time a student registers each year. Students enrolled in6th through 12th grade will be charged a $3.00 replacement fee to replace a lost identification badge. Students that withdraw and return to the Districtduring the same school yearwill be charged a replacement fee of $3.00 unless the student has a current identification badge.

    6.      Students may be asked to produce their identification badge in order to purchase tickets to school events, to be admitted to a school function, or to vote in a student election.

    7.      Student badges will be required for lunch, to check out library books, for participation in after-school campus activities, and for the administration of prescription medications by the School Nurse.

    8.      Homeroom / 1stperiod teachers will check that all students have their identification badge with them daily.