• This is a profile of my management operating style. It reflects the vital few character and competence elements that shape and drive my operating practices and procedures. Most importantly, it reflects clear and concise specific work expectations for those I lead.  My expectations will always demonstrate individual consideration for people’s personal needs, but never demonstrate preferential treatment towards selected individuals.


    My Management Operating Style beginswith holding myself accountable before I have that expectation of others.  I believe that leading by example is the action that speaks louder than words.


    My Management Operating Style Procedures & Expectations


    Communication & Information / Accessibility Expectations

    ·        You are always welcomed to stop by my office or call me on my cell phone.  If I am available I will gladly take the time to meet with you. 

    ·        I have an open door policy.  You are freeto come see me if my door is open.  If I have someone in the office be patient and I will see you next.

    ·        E-mail– If I am not available in my office you may send an e-mail. I read my e-mails on a regular basis so I will respond as soon as I can.

    ·        Cell phone – I do have my cell phone with me at all times.  I answer my calls when I am available but if I am at a meeting I make it a point to put it on vibrate and will return calls at a time when it is appropriate. I do not mind if you call after work hours.


    Problem-solving & Decision-making Expectations

    ·        I like to be notified of problems as soon as they arise in order to address them.  

    ·        I expect all members of this team to be assertive and effective problem finders.

    ·        If a mistake has been made, acknowledge it up front and then move forward to solve it.

    ·        I expect all staff to be accountable for the things that occur in their presence or areas of responsibility.


    Relationship Expectations

    ·        I prefer informal relationships

    ·        I like to be informed rather than be kept in the dark.

    ·        I value diversity and respect individuality.

    ·        I do not tolerate the mistreatment of staff, students, parents, or community. I expect excellent Customer Service from everyone.

    ·        Be open and honest with me.

    ·        Give me feedback regardless whether it is good or bad.


    Performance Appraisals Expectations

    ·        I will work with you on expectations and goals for the year.

    ·        I will be fair in end of year appraisals.

    ·        I will share my campus goals with you.

    ·        The PDAS will be the tool that will be used to measure and develop growth based on individual needs.

    ·        Formal observations, walk throughs, student growth, and other data will be collected to measure student and teacher success.


    Work Environment Expectations

    ·        I have high expectations of all staff and students.

    ·        Discussions and differences of opinion should be conducted in a professional manner with mutual respect demonstrated by all parties.

    ·        If an assignment will not be completed according to the deadline, please speak with me directly.

    ·        Paperwork should be turned in completed and accurate.

    ·        Take ownership of each individual student’s learning.  If support is needed please inform me immediately.

    ·        Teamwork and follow through is expected.

    ·        Attendance is critical to student success.  If an emergency comes up please inform me so that we can provide the support needed for student instruction.

    ·        Classroom organization must be structured and a routine should evident.

    ·        Classroom appearance must be neat.

    ·        Consistency is expected between classroom instruction and lesson plans.


    Personal Expectations

    ·        I will never ask you to do something that I am unwilling to do myself.

    ·        I will earn your trust based on my daily actions.

    ·        I commit to always giving100% both personally and professionally.

    ·        I will be visible, approachable, and responsive; in turn I will expect for all teachers to be visible, approachable, and responsive.



    Things that Disappoint and Frustrate Me

    ·        Lack of ownership

    ·        People that are dishonest or patronize me

    ·        Lack of urgency in responding to issues and concerns

    ·        People that devalue the assets of our students

    ·        Lack of respect

    ·        Lack of consistency

Last Modified on February 13, 2015