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    Promethean's Top 10 Projector Maintenance Tips

    Tips & Tricks
    • This is an interactive whiteboard, if you spend more time projecting media on the board or lecturing from the board than your students spend at the board, you have turned an expensive teaching tool into a low cost whiteboard/projector, you are not using it effectively
    • A Promethean board is effectively a touch screen monitor, the software that allows it to be used as an interactive tool is on your laptop, you do not need the board to create content in ActivInspire.
    • NEVER ever write on the board with anything other than your Promethean pen, never use dry erase or permanent markers on your board, put these away if anyone else is going to be using your room.
    • Use a beeswax based furniture polish (sprayed onto a soft cloth) to keep a sheen on the surface of your board, pens will work better and nibs will last longer if you do this regularly.
    • Turn the projector off when you are not using it, bulbs are expensive to replace.
    • Check the lifespan of your bulb and make sure you order a new one before it reaches the end of it's life.
    • Clean your projector (varies by projector) filter on a regular basis, use compressed gas to do this.
    • If your board is dirty gently clean it with Mr. Clean magic eraser and then polish it.  DO NOT use harsh chemicals or abrasive cloths, never spray anything directly onto your board.