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    Name: JoAnn Lopez
    Email Address:  joann.lopez@eisd.net
    Campus Phone number:  (210)444-8040 ext. 3174

    A Bit About Ms. Lopez


    Ms. Lopez was born and raised in San Antonio and is a product of Edgewood. She continued her education and graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. She has been a part of the Edgewood Independent School District since 2012 and is on her 5th year of teaching.  She taught Algebra I for 3 years, and is currently teaching her 2nd year in Algebra 2.  Ms. Lopez is also involved in the school, as she assists in the sponsorship of the Class of 2017, is a member of PBIS, and a Co-Sponsor in Kennedy's Mu Alpha Theta Chapter.
    Ms. Lopez takes pride in being from the Edgewood Community.  She too, is a parent in Edgewood, and has a passion for the success of all Edgewood students.  She is dedicated and motivated to see your children succeed and looks forward to another great year at Kennedy.
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