• Ms. Schaeper's Art Course Description

    As a fine arts instructor I have provided my classroom rules, procedures, rewards, and consiquences. Please always
    remind your child of these expectations. Following these expectations will create a wonderful, positive learning
    environment for each and every child in my class.
    1. Treat yourself and others with respect.
    2. Treat all art supplies with care.
    3. Follow all direction.
    4. Clean up on time.
    5. Do your best work!
    1. Come in quietly.
    2. Find your spot.
    3. Be ready to work.
    1. Bring home beautiful artwork!
    2. Praise
    3. Whole Class Awarded STAR DAY
    4. Postive call home or certificate
    1. warning/redirection
    2. Stop working for two minutes to reconsider actions.
    3. Write in art documentation binder (max 2 times)
    4. Stage 1/call home.
    Each grade level will be working on different assignments following the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
    a link to the art teks can be found under my website page. Every grades unit plan will differ in time but typically will
    average three weeks in time from beginning to completion.
    Student's will also use reading, writing, math, and science skills incorporated into each art unit.
    For all grade levels each student will be assigned a, "Rules and Procedures" grade for each month in which the students attend art. This means for the months in which the student's spend more than one week on vacation they will not receive a behavior grade for that month. The criteria for this grade is based on PBIS guidlines established by the school and all art room procedures as stated above. Student's only have the oppertunity to be in art for 45 minutes once a week. Therefore, it is highly important to the education of your child that they spend this time focused on their work, while putting forth their best effort. Every assignment I give will always have a safety and procedures grade as part of the whole; I take effort and best art practices into great consideration when assigning a number grade to any student's artwork.
    I do this because, I believe a student's artwork is very personal and a visual extension of each student's personality, therefore a student's effort and attitude in class plays a key role in their development as an artist.