•  Projects vary by grade level

    1.  Portfolio-Create and decorate your portfolio, using text in design

    3.  Oil Pastels lesson-Landscape

    4.  Papel Picado- subtractive process, balance, positive and negative space & Obon lanterns

    5.  Self  Portrait- grid drawing

    6.  Lesson Box- “Artists as Educators”, Personal Expression

    7.  Pop up greeting card- Artists as inventor

    8.  If I were a shoe- Artists as innovators

    9.  T-shirt logo/Personal Logo


       All the projects listed above are tentatively planned. Projects may be rearranged based on availability of  


       You will be expected to have at least eight completed projects in your portfolio by the end of the year.

    All projects are tied into units and lessons that help you to explore your abilities, improve your skills, and help you to generate ideas even when your well is dry.