• Course Description and Expectations

    There are 3 basic parts to Physical Education (P.E.) at Roy Cisneros Elementary: Physical Education, Health, and Wellness. Students will be expected to participate to the best of their ability and show grade level understanding of physical performance and health topics.
    Physical Education
    Vigorous to Moderate activities on a daily basis that will help increase and maintain muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.
    Demonstrate key developmental elements of mature movements.
    Activities will involve increasing heart rate, breathing rate and perspiration.
    Follow rules, procedures be safe and have fun.
    Movement Skills

    Demonstrating appropriate use of levels in dynamic movement bent knees, guarding an opponent.

    Demonstrate competence in manipulative skills, hand – eye tossing and catching , dribbling an element manipulation.

    Demonstrate combination of locomotor and manipulative skills in complex and game-like situations.

    Movement skills as preparation, movement and recovery.

    Choose appropriate drill/activities to enhance the learning of all specific skills.


    Physical Activity and Health


    Participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity.

    Explain the value of participation.
    Building for success mentally and physically
    Social Development
    Follow rules, procedures and etiquette.

    Use of sportsmanship skills.

    Physical activities with partners can increase motivation and enhance safety.

    Understanding daily health habits.

    Linking Social, Emotional, Mental self awareness to wellness.

    Understanding the Body Systems.

    Indoor and Outdoor Safety.

    Balance Meals

    Diabetes Prevention
    Daily Class Routine
    1. Students will enter Gym and proceed to assigned area.
    2. Introduction and Warm-up Exercises.
    3. Unit skill and Activity
    4. Culminating Activity
    5. Cool Down
    6. Closure
    7. Orderly dismissal and line-up for classroom teacher
    Fitness Gram


    Students will participate in Fitness Gram