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    "Reach for the stars, and you will always rise above others."
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    8th Grade ELAR!

    This webpage provides general information about me and my classroom.
    Meet the Teacher: Learn a little bit about me and my mission.
    Instructional Resources: This tab contains the texts we have read in class along with the questions* and audio clips* to the stories. (*if applicable)
    Course Description: Read up on our classroom expectations.
    Assignments: Here you can accesss some of our classroom and homework assignments.


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    1st Period: 39k4ab

    2nd Period: agg3h

    3rd Period: 26cf36

    4th Period: 6339ad

    6th Period: dg432b

    7th Period: f34777

    8th Period: aebbfe

Last Modified on October 9, 2017