• Memorial High School History


    Memorial High School has been in existence since 1967. 

    In the forward of the 1967-1968 PATRIOT, the school was dedicated "in the memory of all those members, of Edgewood Independent School District schools, who have gallantly given their lives in defense of their homes and country.  Those of us who remain behind are indeed proud to have known and to have associated with such upstanding members of the community and school.  We regret very much that human nature will not allow people to live in peace among their fellow men.  That greed and avarice will drive man against man and nation against nation.  That to protect homes and loved ones, some must eternally be sent to do battle against the foe.  To overcome human nature to the greatest extent possible, schools are built to teach that wars are not fruitful for anyone, and that intelligent use of all resources, human and material, is the only sensible way to live.  If the dedication of Memorial High School to these principles will save one human life and provide for the safety of one stick of property, its cause will be served."

Last Modified on September 19, 2016