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  • Econ Project

    Econ Project

    Economics Media ProjectYou will research music and or movies that relate to economics. Select a minimum of three songs or movies that you feel present economic concepts through their lyrics or messages. In one page, 1. Summarize the basic message, idea, or themes expressed in the lyrics of the song.2. List all of the economic concepts that are mentioned or implied in the song.3. Analyze the expressed economic thinking and also the implied economic thinking in the song.4. Apply at least six points to your paper.The following questions are meant as a guide for addressing the above points:1. What is the attitude of the composer towards money, work, employment, government policy, poverty, wealth, economic conditions?2. Is the message in the lyrics or message supported by available data? At least one outside source must be referenced for each song.3. Are economic terms defined in a direct manner or are they referenced in the songs? Are these definitions consistent with “traditional” economic definitions?Staple the song lyrics, or the Movie Summary to your paper. Do not include songs or movies that your teacher or your parents would find vulgar or offensive. Turn it in for a TEST GRADE!

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