• Syllabus – Geometry Memorial High School 2014-2015 Instructor:Mr. SanchezEmail Address:jonathan.sanchez@eisd.netRoom:513Phone Number:444-8300 Ext. 3745Conference Hour: Monday through Friday – 6th Period – 2:19 PM – 3:12 AMTutoring Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:0 AM – 8:00 AMTextbook:Geometry (Holt) by Burger, Chard, Hall, Kennedy … Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 2007Course Description: Geometry is the study of classical Euclidean geometry. This study includes instruction on lines and segments, angles and parallel lines, congruent and similar triangles, proportions in triangles, arcs and segments of circles, right triangles, areas and volumes of geometric figures, properties of quadrilaterals, and constructions.Technology and manipulatives are incorporated to supplement the learning of geometric concepts.Course Timeline:1st 9-Weeks–Foundations of Geometry, Geometry on the Coordinate Plane, Properties of Lines and Transversals 2nd 9-Weeks –Triangles, Right Triangles, Quadrilaterals3rd 9-Weeks–Properties of Two-Dimensional Figures, Measurement of Two-Dimensional Figures, Properties of Three-Dimensional Figures4th 9-Weeks –Measurement of Three-Dimensional Figures, Tying it All Together, Geometry of ArchitecturalDesignSupplies Needed:(items with * are optional, but recommended)-Pencils/Mechanical Pencils-Red Pens-3-Ring Binder-Erasers-Dividers (5 Tabs)-Pencil Sharpener*-Notebook Paper (wide or college-ruled) - Ruler*-Spiral Notebook (1 Subject)-Compass*-Index Cards (Plain white-with or without lines)-Protractor*-Different Colored Highlighters and Pens-Graphing Calculator (TI-nspire or TI-84)* Grading Policy:Grade Scale:90% – 100%………… A80% – 89%………… B75% – 79%………… C70% – 74%…………DBelow 70%………… FTests/Projects/Presentations ............……………………..…………….………… 50%Homework/Quizzes/Class Participation/Classwork/Notebook Checks……..……50%Semester Grade: Semester 1:100% - (1st 9-Weeks + 2nd 9-Weeks)/2Semester 2:100% - (3rd 9-Weeks + 4th 9-Weeks)/2 Test/Projects/Quizzes:All tests and quizzes are announced at least one day in advance.You will have at least one unit test for each unit. Unit tests will cover any concepts that have been taught in the class. Retesting is available for test scores that are below a 70%.Retesting will only be allowed during the timeframe before the next unit test.An additional option to retesting is making corrections to a test grade that is below a 70. The corrections will add points to the test grade, however,every incorrect problem must be corrected on the "correction sheet(s)" provided by the teacher and corrections must be done step-by-step. Also, the highest possible grade you may obtain is a 70.Several projects will also be assigned throughout the school year.Projects that are assigned will be given ample time to complete, therefore any project that is late will lose 10 points for each school day that the project is late. Classwork/Homework:Classwork/Homework is an essential part of Geometry.You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge of Algebra and Geometry concepts during this course.In turn, you must show all necessary work step-by-step to receive credit for classwork and homework.In addition, all problems must be attempted. If not, I have the discretion to refuse to accept the assignment. Late work is unacceptable, however any work turned in after the due date will result in a loss of 10 points per day, up until the next class period.No late work will be accepted a week before the end of each nine weeks.Notebook:Notebooks are required for this class.The notebook should be a 3-ring binder and should consist of the following items in the following order: List of Assignments, Math Chart, Course Syllabus, and five dividers.The five dividers should be labeled and ordered as followed: 1st divider-Warm-Ups, 2nd divider-Notes, 3rd divider- Classwork/Homework, 4th divider-Tests/Quizzes/Projects, and 5th divider-Miscellaneous.Notebooks should be brought to class every day, along with pencils, pens, and paper.Notebooks will be graded several times every nine-weeks to check if students are keeping up with the organization of their notebook. Attendance:If you are absent it is your responsibility to collect missing assignment(s) and notes.Class notes should be obtained from a fellow classmate.For each day of an approved (excused) absence, one additional day will be given to complete any missing assignment(s).If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test, it is yourresponsibility to arrange with the teacher a time and date to make-up the missed quiz or test.Scholastic Integrity:Scholastic dishonesty shall include, but not be limited to: cheating on quizzes/tests, copying of homework, and the discussion of quizzes/tests to other classes.The consequence of scholastic dishonesty will come in the form of a zero (0) for that classwork assignment, homework assignment, quiz, or test.In addition, a phone call home will be made to your parent(s)/guardian(s).Fire Drill Procedure (Posted next to the front door): We will line up in the front of the classroom in a straight line.The first student in line will lead the rest of the students to the end of the hall (staying in a straight line) only moving by my request.We will proceed down the East stairs and exit the East doors (front of the school) continuing to our assigned area on Memorial Athletic Field.There I will take attendance to confirm everyone got out safely.
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