• Course Expectations 2014-2015

    United States History
    The following is a brief overview of the course expectations for my United States History classes:


    Course Description

    United States History

    This is a year long course which quickly reviews the first part of United States History and then covers U. S. History since 1877. This course will prepare you for the US History STAAR/EOC test which will be administered in May 2015. Passing this test is required for graduation.  Although there are no true prerequisites for this class, in general the student taking it is a Junior with background in the first half of U. S. History, World Geography and World History.
    The textbook is The American Republic
    The course syllabus can be found by clicking here: US History Expectations   

    North America

    Behavioral Expectations

    Course Rules

    My rules are simple, but I will be consistent in enforcing them:
    Be on time
    Be prepared
    Work hard and pay attention
    Respect others
    Respect the School and its Policies

    Consequences for misbehavior

    •May involve a number of consequences, but will usually follow this sequence:  reminder, warning, conference, detention, call home, referral to counselor or administrator.

    SEVERE DISRUPTION--------------------Automatic Referral to Discipline Center


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