Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

       I am your child's teacher for this school year.  In order to guarantee your child and all the students in my classroom the excellent educational climate they deserve, I have developed policies/procedures for the classroom that will be in effect at all times.


    Supplies Needed Everyday: 

          -    Pencils/Mechanical Pencils                                                
          -    3-Ring Binder with Math Section                       

    -    Notebook Paper (wide or college-ruled)                                                               

    -    Packet of materials given from teacher 

    Grading Policy:         

                9-weeks Grade    50%   -   Summative  -   Tests/Projects/Presentations                                              

                                 50%   -   Formative     -   Homework/Quizzes/Warm ups/Participation/Notebook Checks


                Semester Grade  100%  -   Average form two nine weeks.        

                Course Grade      100%   -   Average from two semesters.

                 Late Work Policy: Students lose 10points for each day work is late. After 3 days students receive a zero. 


       You will have at least one unit test after each unit. Unit tests will cover any concepts that have been taught in this math class. Retesting is available for test scores that are below a 70%.  Retesting will only be allowed during the timeframe before the next unit test.  An additional option to retesting is making corrections to a test grade that is below a 70. The corrections will add points to the test grade, however, every incorrect problem must be corrected on the "correction sheet(s)" provided by the teacher and corrections must be done step-by-step. The highest possible grade you may obtain is a 70.  Several projects will be assigned throughout the school year.  Projects will lose 10 points for each school day that the project is late.

    Quizzes/ Engagement/Homework/ Assignments:

       Students need to be involved and occupied with mastering the concepts of this course. 5 question quizzes will help student focus on key concepts of the unit. Engagement grades come from participating in activities, warm-ups, decisions, class work, demonstrations, games, etc…

    Homework/Assignments is an essential part of mathematics.  You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge of middle school math and algebra concepts during this course.  In turn, you must show all necessary work step-by-step to receive credit for Assignments.  Inaddition, all problems must be attempted. If not, I have the discretion to refuse to accept the assignment. Any Assignments turned in after the due day will result in a lost of 10 points per day, up to three day. 



       You will receive packets that include notes, activities & assignments. Packets must be brought to class every day.


       If you are absent it is your responsibility to collect missing assignment(s) and notes. Class notes should be obtained from a fellow classmate.  If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to arrange with the teacher a time and date to make-up the missed quiz or test. 



       Once placed in a group you may change groups by incurring a 20 point loss to your grade and to the grade of each person in the group you join.

    Out of Class Policy

       The state of Texas has determined that you must be in class 90% of the time to receive credit for this course. Each time you are out of class you are missing the opportunities to understand the course better. There is an “Out of Class Log”  you must fill out when going to the office, nurse, tardy, home, out for extracurricular activities, etc...

    Hall Pass

       Sign out on the hall pass. Write your name, the date and the time you leave. Use one of the destination codes at the bottom. Any adult may ask to see your pass. When you arrive back at class, fill in the “Time In” block. No hall passes will be given the first 15 minutes of class or the last 15 minutes of class.

    Classroom Policies

    Classroom “Non-Negotiables” for all classes at Memorial high school.

    Bring Notebook • Bring Writing Utensils • No Food or Drink • No Electronic Devices • No Inappropriate Language

    Positive Behavior in School

    Be Punctual • Be Prepared • Be Productive • Be Respectful

    My Class Rules

    Be Appropriate • Don’t Interrupt Learning



       In order for this plan to have its greatest effect, I need your support.  Please read and discuss the information from this page with your child.  Also, please assist me by emailing me your contact information to johnny.murphy@eisd.net.

       I hope that your child has a great year as my student.  Please feel free to call me or schedule an appointment by calling 444-8300 (ext. 3746).  My conference is from 9:50 to 10:30 daily.




    Mr. Murphy