• Course Description~

    Memorial High School
    Department of Special Education

    Living In a Functional Environment (L.I.F.E.) Skills Unit



    Teacher: Laura James

    Paraprofessionals: Brittnee Carter & Richard Gomez

    Classroom: B-11&12

    Classroom Objectives:
    Our L.I.F.E. Skills classroom provides instruction in two core areas at all four grade levels and two vocational areas- English, Social Studies, Dollars and Sense, and Career Prep.
    Class lesson plans facilitate student access to appropriate grade-level TEKS curriculum by providing prerequisite skill level modified curriculum and appropriate individual accommodations that facilitate the learning process.
    The class will focus on mastering IEP goals set by the ARD committee and preparing students to achieve successful scores on state STAAR assessments. Furthermore, the classroom is committed to providing Functional, Community Based Instruction, which is an integral part of the curriculum. 

    If transportation is provided, parents/guardians must adhere to district transportation policies and assist transportation personnel in providing a safe and positive experience for all students. Special bus arrangements should be communicated effectively to appropriate personnel in a timely manner.



    All students are expected to adhere to district policies regarding absences, tardiness, and make-up day procedures. Attendance will be monitored by the Special Education case manager. Your assistance in maintaining accurate attendance is greatly appreciated.


    Parent/Teacher Communication:

    Parent/Teacher conferences provide opportunities for the teacher and parent to discuss student concerns and to lend insight for planned direction. Arrangements can be made with the Special Education Teacher. Conference times will be scheduled during the teacher’s conference time. Spiral notebook journals will also be sent home for daily communication with parents. Please contact the teacher for any immediate concerns.


    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    The safety of the students is of utmost importance. Your child is expected to adhere to all classroom rules to promote an atmosphere conducive to learning. The rules are as follows:

    • Be on time
    • Be prepared
    • Be productive
    • Be respectful


    All grades will be determined by the Special Education teacher utilizing probe sheets, observations, work samples, quizzes, participation, effort, and retention of learning. The classroom adheres to the grade values provided by the EISD policies for high schools.



    State assessments are required to be administered to Special Education students. All students in the classroom will adhere to the requirements and policies of State Assessments, including the variety of STAAR Assessments available to each student.